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Trust-Building Professional Development

Does your school struggle with knowing how to build trust after a difficulty? How do we pick up the pieces and try again? Or, how do we begin a school with trust in place? Using The Right Path materials and the book "Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni, heads of schools and other leaders can rebuild the trust the school was built upon or set the stage for reliable, trusting relationships. This program is ideal for a professional development two-day workshop or a year-long personalized book study.

Client Satisfaction Research 

Life Architects can design a plan to survey your families using quality survey and reporting tools.  

  • Online survey? Check.
  • Internal focus groups? Check.
  • Create a plan for implementing meaningful change? Check.  

We specialize in helping Christian school administrators improve educational outcomes based on meaningful feedback from all stakeholders.

College Admissions Support, Mentoring, and Professional Development

Is your rate of growth taxing your current program of college counseling?  Do you have more questions than you have answers? Do you have new college counseling staff that just needs a mentor?  Life Architects can design an affordable and supportive coaching and mentoring program based on years of experience directing a college counseling office and teaching and mentoring college counselors.  We are also available for professional development seminars for your college counseling personnel.

Ability Testing and Behavioral Profiles for Groups or Individuals

Are you wondering how to help your students gain information about their natural abilities? Students often know what they like to do, but beyond grades, there have been few indicators of what they are naturally good at doing.  Life Architects can set up a testing program for 10 or more students on your campus, and partner with your college guidance counselor to harmonize students natural abilities with their interest, values, and goals.  We use the Highlands Ability Battery or YouScience to help Christian schools advise families on this vital, often missing, piece of information. To see an example of a Highlands student report click here.  For more information about YouScience click here.

In addition to working with students, Life Architects can set up a coaching and mentoring program for your middle or senior management based on the Highlands Leadership report and Right Path Resources behavioral profiles.  These customized reports can be a meaningful part of your professional development or helpful guides to hiring the right people.  To see an example of the Highlands Leadership Report click here. For more information about Right Path Resources click here.

Discipline Specific Consulting

Contemplating making a change in a specific department of your school? Life Architects contracts with strategic consultants in the following areas:

  • Fine Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Humanities
  • Sciences

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"I can think of no one whose opinion I value more when it comes to her field of expertise.  She is a person of integrity, wit and wisdom and I would recommend her to anyone who desires her services." Debi M.

“There is no person doing life coaching better than Tami Peterson. I can’t imagine a better gift for a young person than working with Tami, and I can’t conceive of an organization that wouldn’t get better with her help.” Steve P.

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