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Wherever you may be in your career development, whether

you feel the need to step up your game, want help with

career planning,  or you need work balance coaching,

 Life Architects Coaching 

can work with you to grow in your current career.

One tool we use is the Highlands Ability Battery. 

The Highlands Company is the publisher of the 

Highlands Ability Battery, an online assessment tool measuring

individual abilities. By means of objective hands-on work

samples, we help individuals to understand their natural

abilities and what they mean to their career planning and

career development.

 How do you apply this new information to your career?

When you know the range of your abilities, you are better

able to use them in your life and career and in your relations

with others, including your fellow workers. Also, you are

better able to integrate your abilities into the other factors

that affect and influence your life and career. Highlands

has identified Seven Critical Career Factors in addition to

innate abilities. They are a person’s skills, interests, values,

goals, personal style, family history, and position in the

Career Development Cycle.

Wondering what the Highlands Ability Battery looks like in career coaching?

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